Leveraging the Power of Your Mind With Lauren Johnson

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Becoming an entrepreneur entails that you step off into the precipice of the unknown, yet it can be a terrifying experience, fraught with unforeseen perils and inherent loneliness.

Doubt, fear, and overthinking can start to take hold, paralyzing your ability to think and act in the present moment.

Fear is a universal aspect of the human condition, but it does not have to be the enemy.

When you choose to reexamine your relationship with fear – or with any problems that may arise – you start to focus on what you can control.

In today’s episode of BizableTV, Mental Performance Coach & Speaker, Lauren Johnson explains how you can develop the necessary mental skills that will make you invincible and adaptable.

Through her experience with athletics, she illustrates the ways her identity has been shaped by belief and action.

Belief, in turn, is shaped by identity and action.

It can be difficult to shift your paradigm when it is being clouded by blind spots and intrusive emotions.

However, the power to choose your response, beginning with the separation of truth from feelings, can alter the demarcation of power.

Adversity is inevitable – it’s the response that determines which outcomes you receive.

Key takeaways from today’s episode:

  • 0:50 – Introducing Lauren Johnson, a mental performance coach and speaker who specializes in performance psychology.
  • 3:42 – How growth comes from learning to redefine our relationship with the problem.
  • 6:14 – Get advice for those dealing with uncertainty or negative feedback.
  • 9:35 – How focusing on the present in order to manage fear.
  • 16:28 – Why Lauren’s epiphany while she was working at Starbucks was a breakthrough.
  • 20:22 – How Lauren’s work with the New York Yankees, was able to help a player cast away limiting beliefs.
  • 26:40 – Why finding someone you trust to elicit honest feedback and identify blind spots is important.
  • 32:15 – How shifting your mindset to navigate negativity to quickly make progress.

Nothing but the best of the best for you!

To your success-

Paul Klein

Co-Founder, BizableTV

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