Make More Money Without Working More Hours

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Wouldn’t it be nice to double your income?

  • But how?
  • Work twice as much?
  • Double your rate?
  • Become a manager?
  • You can’t double your income billing hourly.

Join Jonathan Stark & I this great BizableTV University session on why hourly billing is nuts, and learn how to package your expertise for higher rates.

👉How To Make More Money Without Working More Hours - With Jonathan Stark

Nothing but the best of the best for you!

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Email Marketing is Still the Uncontested Champion!

Simply put, an email newsletter is the best way to serve your audience by delivering real solutions to real problems for real people, before they even leave their inbox.

But how do you write a winning newsletter?

  • Step 1: Make a promise
  • Step 2: Write 5 Lessons
  • Step 3: Select Your Email Newsletter Software
  • Step 4: Start Sending (Don’t Stop)

👉 You Need to Start an Email Newsletter. Here’s How:

Online Business for Sale To Keep You Motivated!

Is your online business struggling or not generating as much revenue as you would like?

Well, check out these 10 online businesses for sale in July. I like to look at these as it's interesting to look inside other companies, and it's super motivating to see what's working.

  1. E-Commerce Bike & Bike Parts Shop with gross revenue of $722,325
  2. Women’s Fashion Apparel with gross revenue of $27,762,267
  3. On-Demand Tech Service with gross revenue of $4,287,000
  4. Aftermarket Auto Parts Accessories with gross revenue of $14,004,661
  5. Home Automation Company with gross revenue of $6,014,036
  6. Mobile Barbershop with gross revenue of $30,250
  7. Amazon FBA Company with gross revenue of $2,353,624
  8. Crypto Mining Business with gross revenue of $80,000
  9. National Telecom Franchise with gross revenue of $252,000
  10. Shopify Store with gross revenue of $3,285,305

👉 10 Online Business for Sale in July

Never Retire Unless You Want To🧐

The thought of retiring, sitting around golfing, fishing, or even traveling as much as I like all those, I think I would get bored.

The thought of "retirement" does not appeal to me for many reasons, but doing what you love and positively impacting people and the world with discretionary time is true wealth IMHO.

No knock on anyone wanting to retire, but here is an excellent article for entrepreneurs and business owners who may be worried about retirement.

👉 The Best Reason to Start Your Own Business? Being an Entrepreneur Means Never Having to Say 'I Retire' (Unless You Want To)

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