She's no Rihanna!

published10 months ago
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That's right, no Rihanna Super Bowl halftime show here.

And after Sunday's barrage of hip-thrusting, questionable commercials, and some football...

We are all ready for some inspirational TV!

We just released a new BizableTV short film called Rested Success!

If you feel overwhelmed and suffering from the new year's busyness, you will enjoy this latest release on BizableTV this week!

We produced this BizableTV short film for Teresa McCloy and her new book, Do What Matters.

This film is fantastic, and you will enjoy watching her inspiring and hopeful story.


If you have a coaching business or are considering starting one, don’t miss out on Teresa McCloy’s free masterclass,

5 Steps to Building a Thriving Coaching Business from the Ground Up

on Tuesday, February 21 at 7pm ET. REGISTER HERE

This masterclass is for you if:

  • You struggle to find and connect with your ideal coaching clients
  • You spend WAY too much time coming up with content to use in your coaching sessions
  • You’re not sure how to charge higher rates without it costing you clients
  • You love being with people but the business side of coaching makes you break out in hives
  • You feel underqualified, or struggle to say with confidence why someone should choose YOU as their coach
  • You feel alone in your business and wonder if you have anything left to give your clients

Whether you’re just getting started, or you’ve had a business for a while but feel stuck, these five steps are the key to having a coaching business others dream of.

This masterclass will offer next steps you can take immediately, plus a plan for long-term, sustainable growth. REGISTER HERE.

To your success-

Paul Klein​

Co-Founder, BizableTV

Paul Klein

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