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Hey Rock Star!

One of the tips I got from John Lee Dumas at Podcast Movement last month

Was that if he were going to start a podcast today, he would do the following:

  1. NOT interview anyone
  2. Focus on a specific audience/niche
  3. Come up with 50 pain point topics for that specific audience
  4. Make each episode less than 10 minutes each
  5. Release a daily show or a show three days per week

WOW, that's much different than what JLD is doing on EO Fire.

But the podcasting space today is WAY different than when JLD started ten years ago.

I'm not afraid of taking action and pivoting when necessary.

One of the issues I have had with The BizableTV podcast was twofold...

One, the name does not solve a problem or purpose and means anything to anyone.

And Two, replaying the BizableTV episodes are excellent, but it's a bit lazy, and I don't get to speak with you directly.

So this week, that changes!

Welcome to The Creator Revolution Podcast!

Where I share business strategies for creative entrepreneurs.

You will see short business riffs from me starting TODAY!

I think you will enjoy them and get a lot of value form them.

Look for new episode's on Monday's, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

👉You can check it out here

Nothing but the best of the best for you!

To your success-

Paul Klein

Co-Founder, BizableTV

What Does Web3 Mean For Your Business?

Is Web3 just another buzzword or noise in the wilderness of business?

I tend to ignore things like this along with NFTs, Cryptocurrency and cabbage patch, kids!😂

If you're into Crypto, don't send me any hate mail, I'll come around.

But this article may help some of you, like me, who have heard of Web3 but don't know much about it.

Regardless of how you feel about Web3, I do agree with this statement from the article:

It is critical as a business owner that you have a baseline understanding on Web3's potential, so you can make smart decisions to take advantage of any technological advancements and avoid the pitfalls of being swept up in the hype.

👉 If You Have No Clue What Web3 Is, You're Not Alone. Here's a Breakdown of the Future of the Internet.

What Exactly Is The Creator Economy?🧐

Great question!

Marketing expert and launch strategist Destinee Berman explains it like this:

It’s not the gig economy.
It’s a business model that allows people to unbundle from traditional employment and still be successful.
A creator is anyone who is taking their knowledge, experience and training to create content and offer education online.
You can be a creator whether you’re a physician, an artist, an astrologer, a therapist, a YouTube influencer or a video producer.
The economy is exploding because there are more ways than ever before to make money off of your skills now—like physical products, partnerships, writing and, most important, digital courses.
You don’t need tens of thousands of followers to do so.
You can bring in six figures a year with a small group of true fans.

Check out how creative entrepreneur Destinee Berman built her 7-Figure business.

👉 This 7-Figure Entrepreneur Is Betting On The Creator Economy—And Winning

Which Questions To Avoid During A Sales Conversation And Why.

The other day my friend John Nemo mentioned not having "Commission Breath."🤦‍♂️

I will be using this new term in the future because we have all experienced or had commission breath if you've been a creative entrepreneur for any amount of time.

Dont ask the following:

  • "Are you the decision maker?"
  • "What's your budget?''
  • "Can I get your email address?"
  • "Do you want to reach out to me?''
  • "What do you want to buy?"
  • "Have you made up your mind yet?"
  • "Simple yes or no questions"

👉 Win More Customers by Avoiding These 7 Questions

Events for Creative Entrepreneurs:


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New Episode Alert!

10 Points for Launching a Successful Private Coaching or Consulting Business

The term “entrepreneur” conjures up glamourous visions of fast cars and luxury hotel high-rises, but entrepreneurship shouldn’t be wholly focused on financial success.

Many entrepreneurs become too caught up in quixotic notions of money and freedom that they ignore the glaring difficulties associated with an independent practice.

This “entrepreneurship seizure” is the reason why a majority of small businesses fails within the first few years.

A lack of planning and managerial knowledge will cause the unprepared to succumb to the overwhelming dictates of work, until they realize too late their mistake.

By then, the entrepreneurial spirit has long died.

In the end, every successful entrepreneur needs to strike a balance between creativity and practicality to achieve their vision.

In today’s episode of BizableTV, professional coach and author Christopher McCluskey delineates actionable steps that will guide you in successfully launching your own private coaching or consulting business.

Erring on the side of conservative estimates, he utilizes a pragmatic framework that will help aspiring entrepreneurs bridge the gap between vision and execution while still achieving a viable income.

Key takeaways from today’s episode:

  • 2:20 – Introducing Christopher McCluskey, the president of Professional Christian Coaching Institute.
  • 5:42 – Four time-tested books that Christopher recommends for entrepreneurs.
  • 9:25 – Start with the why. Making a living is more than just a paycheck
  • 15:09 – Count the cost. The financial breakdown of a business coaching career.
  • 23:38 – Work smarter, not harder. The importance of taking action, enlisting help, and embracing the adventure yet still allowing time for leisure and staying true to your highest values.
  • 33:55 – The harsh reality of starting anew and how to alleviate them with a successful launch punch list.
  • 42:15 – Growing your business profitably through diversified income streams.
  • 43:38 – Before starting your own consulting or coaching business, ask yourself these questions.

Paul Klein

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